Belly Dancers

Hire Talented Belly Dancers Dubai They are the most talented belly dancers you will find in the UAE. Not only are they professional, but also beautiful. They can do all sorts of shows like Candle Crown, Swords and Veils. All the costumes and accessories are imported from Egypt. They can perform in a group as well.

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Red Velvet

  • Red Velvet


    They are all about creating an unforgettable ambiance and memorable moment while performing. They perform different styles such as Arabic, Spanish,Classica, Fusion and Buddha bar styles.

  • Shamsa Bellydancer

    A beautiful belly dancer that has performed all over the world for several events ranging from corporates to private and now is based in the UAE.

  • Snake Dancer


    She is the only professional snake belly dancer in the UAE. She has beautiful costumes, customized for dancing with a snake. You can also add two extra fire dancers. Her shows include medusa wings, snake, fire effects, sword, fire sword and tabla.

  • Yulia Belly Dancer

    Graceful, and beautiful; set your guests in a trance while watching Yulia perform on the beats of Arabia