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Hire Professional Dance Groups in Dubai We offer professional dancers for all types of events. All the groups have beautiful costumes and always deliver an exceptional performance.

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Bollywood Dance Group

  • Bollywood Dance Group

    They are full of energy and provide the best Bollywood shows. They can do all the different styles, from contemporary to B-Boying. They have amazing colorful and traditional costumes. The dancers are professional and love what they doing. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Break Dancers

    They are a fantastic team of breakdancers, with an infectious level of energy and consist of well-established breakdancers from this region. From performances to Red Bull Championship to corporate, social and event community events, these dancers have seen it all, and hungry to see more.

  • Chic Dance Group

    They have beautiful costumes for any event. They have very elegant shows for weddings and gala dinners and also fun energetic shows for birthday parties and private events. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Chinese Entertainment

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    From the fierce Lion Dancers to Dragon Shows; from umbrella dancers to the graceful Umbrella dancers, we are representing all of these. Along with this, we also have Chinese acrobats, Kung fu and Taichi Performers, Chinese Musicians, Chinese Ribbon Dancers, Chinese Walkabouts and even the beautiful 1000 hands show.

    Adding on, we do have some Chinese interactive acts too, being Chinese Calligraphers and Chinese Lollipop makers. Indulge in your Far-East themed event with us!

  • Dhol Drummer


    They can perform in a group of 6 – 8 drummers. These are the guys that are usually used in an Indian Zaffa.

  • Fantasy Dance Group

    This group has many beautiful costumes. The costumes are updated on a regular basis to deliver new fascinating shows. They do different cultural dance shows and have amazing LED costumes. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Glam Dance Group

    These dancers have a lot of dance experience. They do different type of shows from oriental dancing to acrobatic shows. This group is sure to make any event memorable. They have beautiful innovative costumes. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Hip Hop Dance Group

    They are among the best Hip-Hop dancers in Dubai and have years of experience. They are highly professional and know what they are doing. They will entertain any crowd with their amazing dance ability. They dance to the latest commercial music, but can also do old school.

  • International Dance Group

    They are professional dancers from Columbia living in Dubai. The dancers have competed in a variety of competitions. They have beautiful costumes and the best dance routines. They can do anything from Salsa to Hip-Hop to Acrobatic dance shows. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Musical Waiters


    This group consists of four dancers, and one drummer; with the flair with their feet, they will leave your guests surprised and in complete awe.

  • Revue Dance Group

    They have new innovative dance shows to leave any audience breathless. The dancers are professional and put a lot of effort into the shows to make it special. They can even do belly dancing. All dancers can wear full body covered suits if required.

  • Syrian Zaffeh

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    Weddings are all about the fabulousness & grandness – indulge your guests in these regional Syrian Zaffa performers to make an entrance to remember.

  • Vibes of Arabia Dance Group

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    Thrill your guests with this fabulous dance group that has no limits in the types of dance styles that they specialise in. Fusing contemporary with Arabian beats is their forte and they really know how to add life to an event, party, awards and especially weddings.