Drum Performance

Evolving into a new era of live music, his beats adds energy to the nightlife scene, working in synergy with DJ’s around the world to build up the climax

He is an international performer, producer and songwriter based in Miami. After dominating the Chicago nightlife scene (considered to be the “birthplace” of house music), expanding to Las Vegas, LA and now Miami. His Beat brings life to the night scene. Aside from his 6’7″ stature, long hair and distinct exotic look, he stands out among other performers as a result of his mastery of the Djembe as his trademark instrument and his ability to improvise with any DJ, bringing a unique “layer” of sound, feeling, and emotion to compliment any piece of electronic music. Playing an integral role in the revival of the “live” music aspect of the nightlife scene, he exudes a passion, positivity and creative flair that can take any body of electronic music to the “next level” by adding the distinct flavor his Djembe. Without the need for the use of a microphone or any other sound amplification techniques, his drum can captivate even the largest crowds of electronic music fanatics, making him the preferred accompaniment choice for DJs around the world. He has performed at world renown festivals, alongside over 100s of locally and internationally acclaimed DJs (Swedish House Mafia, Pete Tong, Luciano, Aviici, Cedric Gervais, Robert Dietz, Reboot, Cadenza, Save The Rave, Nervo, Welly, Bingo Players and Marco Carola). With the success of last year’s Miami’s Winter Music Conference, His Beat will be featured in the 2013 Tomorrowland and another epic Winter Music Conference. Finishing his Middle East tour this summer with the success of Luciano’s Ibiza top record label, Cadenza, he is already preparing on returning soon, ready to take on the world one beat at a time.