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Christmas Entertainment

  • Football Freestylers


    A mix of local and international talent that give a spectacular show. They perform individually and really know how to engage the crowd. Each of them exceptionally talented and will be very apt for events that revolve around sports, streets and kids.
    Sport marketing is a great way to change or improve your image, reputation or product. Street football and Freestyle Football have always been used as excellent tools to improve your brand awareness. Through sports you can communicate with your own employees, but you can also reach customers and business partners in a very positive way.

  • International Light Show


    A spectacular international light show. This show consists of about 7 sequences back to back. All parts of the sequence are done by one artist. There are no breaks in this show, and this show is done seamlessly at one go. The show can and has been included in a wide variety of themes, like Modern, futuristic, Communication, Asian or Sport Theme.

    It depends on the requirement, and area of focus.

    Bookings would need to be made 10 working days in advance for the standard show, and 20 working days in advance for a customised show.


    The flow of sequences are:

    The light drums, the light violin, the animation sequence involving audience, the light saxophone, the futuristic Afro light sequence, the Light nun-cha-ku, the circular lights.

    Duration: 1 set of 10 mins

  • Male Comedian/MC


    Born in India and raised in Dubai, the acclaimed comedian has seen the world through the Gulf War, global recession, the Bush Administration and, most horrifyingly of all, the disco era.