Dance Shows

Hire Professional Dancers in Dubai, UAE They are all professional dancers with a passion for performing. All the performers have truly remarkable shows with emotions and art combined. They are among the best dancers in the UAE.

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  • Acrobat Dancer

    They are professional dancers with a passion for dancing. This show is truly remarkable, with emotions and art combined. They can do any story line to your preference. You can choose the amount of dancers you want.

  • Ballerina Dancer in Bubble

    This is beautiful for a wedding, birthday party of any other special celebration. You can have a ballerina dancer, acrobatic dancer or classical dancer in a bubble. It would be something different and will sure leave any audience intrigued.

  • Cake Surprise

    This is perfect if you are celebrating someone’s birthday or anniversary. It is an interactive show and will capture everyone’s attention. If you want, you can have a specific theme even.

  • Chef Flash Mob


    Chefs, waiters and a whole combination of circus acts merged into this show.

  • Chinese Entertainment

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    From the fierce Lion Dancers to Dragon Shows; from umbrella dancers to the graceful Umbrella dancers, we are representing all of these. Along with this, we also have Chinese acrobats, Kung fu and Taichi Performers, Chinese Musicians, Chinese Ribbon Dancers, Chinese Walkabouts and even the beautiful 1000 hands show.

    Adding on, we do have some Chinese interactive acts too, being Chinese Calligraphers and Chinese Lollipop makers. Indulge in your Far-East themed event with us!

  • Crazy Orchestra

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    Few drums and simple daily staff are combined. Creativity and extraordinary performance are blended. Here it is – show which can blow your mind.

  • Fire Dancer

    We use only professional performers so this is a safe show to have at events. They dancers are spinning fire sticks with choreography, fire eating and breathing.

  • Fire Tanoura Show

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    Indulge your guests in this dare-devil Tanoura dancer that we have. Watch him twirl and spin, and leave his audience absolutely awestricken.

  • Flash Mob – Spectacular Dance Show

    Want to have a surprise show that will get anyone’s attention? A flash Mob is perfect. They will look like ordinary people walking around, and all of the sudden they will start dancing one by one, creating a spectacular show.

  • Go Go Dancers

    Need dancers for a event? We offer professional Go Go dancers for any event. They can perform in clubs, festivals or any private events. They are extremely good at what they do and will definitely impress any crowd.