Whether it is a wedding, a private party or even a corporate event, if you want your special event to go without any snags then the one person who can ensure the same is the master of ceremonies. He/she will definitely guarantee cracking up the audience, introducing the key speakers and other segments of the event and keeping the event engaging and on time. If you’re wondering why you should hire a professional MC in Dubai when you can just ask someone you know to handle it, this is why: Larger the event, it is more likely that technical issues will occur. Sound system problems, final minute script changes and other minor or major blunders can shake up inexperienced MCs but our professional emcees can take care of these problems without breaking a sweat. One of the biggest tests in hosting an event is running it on time. When a particular segment runs beyond the stipulated time, it may cause reducing the time spent on the other segments or even losing the interest of the audience. With the experience of our seasoned emcees you can be sure that your sessions& segments is on track and highly entertaining. Our Emcees will employ various entertainment means maybe in the form of stand-up comedy, soulful music or even impersonations and will modify his performance to strictly adhere to the event’s theme and message.

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Male Indian Comedian K

  • May – Bilingual MC

    With over 12 years of experience hosting hundreds of live events, this vibrant Canadian/Lebanese MC is known for her versatility and range. Sophisticated at a global summit, fun and crazy with kids or an engaging entertainer at a brand launch, May does it all. Working with regional and international brands, she is repeatedly commended by her clients for representing their brands with passion and enthusiasm. With over a decade of experience in marketing and event management in both government and multinational enterprise, May knows exactly how to handle events. She manages the unpredictability of live events without missing a beat, making every occasion enjoyable no matter what happens behind the scenes. Fluent in Arabic and English, May puts everyone at ease with her approachable demeanor. She has done events for firms like HSBC, Damas, Fifa, Samsung, Carolina Herrera, Huawei, Etisalat, Nissan, Tecom Investments, Qatar Airways, Porsche, Emaar Entertainment and so on and so fourth.

  • MC & Wedding Celebrant Jazz

    Although her background is in film and working as an actress she prides herself on her public speaking ability. Knowing fluent Arabic & English are just one of the few attributes she has that makes an amazing presenter. She thoroughly enjoys speaking in front of large crowds.

  • MC Flow

    MC Flow is a real exotic mix; his father’s roots are from Nigeria, now living in the UK, and his mother is from Germany, to be precise, Bavaria, the Land of Lederhosen, Sauerkraut, and Sausages where Flow was raised. Exchanging the mountains for the sand and the snow for waves of Dubai, Flow felt that organizing events as a professional behind the scenes was not enough. He was missing the unbeatable feeling of exciting an audience while standing on stage. He joined Toastmasters, becoming a dedicated member, delivering numerous speeches and receiving various awards doing what he loves most – inspiring others.

     His broad knowledge and exposure to many industries as an experiential marketing producer empower Flow to be an extraordinary MC and Speaker with a holistic approach to any engagement. Equally, as a producer, he is aware the little details which can turn a regular speech, or stage show into an astonishing experience for the audience.

     Are looking for someone to present your company in a video clip? Or are you searching for an MC to host your event? Maybe you are in need of a Producer who organizes the entire experience from A to Z? Flow is the right person to go to.

  • Sylvie – MC, Model and Presenter

    An international model and presenter that has worked all over the world. Her work in LA, Shanghai, London and beyond has allowed her to understand the cultural needs and client demands. Coming to Dubai and working with nationalities and organizations from all over the world has been a natural fit.

    Sylvie made the switch from modeling full time to TV / Media presenting a few years ago and has been a natural in front of the camera. Having worked for Polish Breakfast TV, Polish Fashion TV, Tele5, Polo TV, amongst others, she has the experience and stature for any event.

    Sylvie specializes in live events, also available for TVC’s, hosting engagements and voice overs. Extremely talented in presenting lifestyle and business engagements such as product launches, press conferences, seminars, fashion shows and red carpet award ceremonies.