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Art Production Shows

  • Art Production Shows

    A series of customized shows that centralize in Art however have a charming entertainment factor incorporated in them for corporate events, and private parties.

  • Canvas & 3D Art


    3d Art Installation & Ambush Man
    In this we can create the painting and the costume on the wall provided by you.

    This act is completely new to this region. It is fantastic for your brand activation or pre reception function. Our actor can be funny or be still. One is certain your brand or media wall will be taken as a photo to every single visitor of your event. This takes a lot of detailed work that can last up to 7 days to make but it is worth doing as it is original and completely unusual.

  • Cartoonist & Caricature Artist


    This artist has the passion for drawing since the early ages of being at school.
    He started the journey from the streets of Turkish Cyprus, brought to you now in Dubai. He works with mediums such as color pencils, charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels, graphite or digital. What’s more…he does upto 25 caricatures in an hour, and about 8 – 10 portrait sketches within 60 mins!

  • Digital Caricature

    We have a digital caricature artist, which includes print size ranging from A4/A5/A6. Unlimited drawings with the speed of 10 – 15 caricatures per hour. Instant photo quality can be a print out with your logo.  This will also include a post event video with you logo to share on social media etc. As an option, the artist can also do a portrait the size of a card, and provide it in a lanyard with a clip.

  • Fashion Illustrator


    Fashion Illustrator, Portrait/Sketch Artist or she could also do caricature for adults.

  • Female Sand Painter

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    She is only 17 years old and already dubbed the ‘girl with the magic fingers’. From portrait faces to landscapes and literally anything else, nothing is impossible for her to replicate in sand. She mastered this art through pure practice and determination, difficult at first, but portraits of people now take about 10 – 15 minutes for her while most of other subjects are generally completed in seconds. She just does not draw still images but uses and art to tell stories. She can also create any story board about the history the company as well as the company logo.

  • Female Speed painter


    She always develops her artistic expression. She loves painting and it is one of her passions. She has done many exhibitions and performed at numerous corporate events. Each piece is an adventure for her, where the instinct and the control play with emotions and pleasure, creating a mind-blowing portrait. Each painting takes her 5 minutes.

  • Glitter Painting

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    Add a bit of unforgettable sparkle to your event! Our amazing artist transforms portraits and landscapes into sparkling works of art with a new innovative glitter painting technique.

  • Golden Glitter Art Show

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    Dazzle your guests with this new form of branding mixed with entertainment. Not only can she draw up a logo but she specializes in portraits too – watch the production come to life in the span of 10 minutes.

  • Graffiti Artist (Amad)

    This talented graffiti artist can paint on walls, tee-shirts, board and even shoes!! A sure attraction point at your next event.

  • Light Painting

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    Brand new show in the UAE. it is truly unique and something different. Any story of subject can be created. The show is projected on a 2m x 2m screen.

  • Male Sand Painter

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    He draws personal storyboards on sand, telling a story about peoples, a country, a brand etc. He draws while listening to Arabic/fusion, desert lounge music to keep the mood. His artwork is being displayed on a screen for everyone to see.

  • Male Speed painter


    He is a very talented speed painter. He has performed at many celebrity hosted events. He can create any image you would like. It takes him up to 10 minutes to create one portrait.

  • Optical Illusion Contortionists

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    Now you see them, now you don’t. Is it one, 2 or 3 artists, or is that the sofa? Are your eyes playing tricks on you?

  • Puzzle Speed Painting

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    A new speed painting technique is available now  (puzzle painting) where you can paint up to 4 different faces on an art piece.

    This performance is possible to be done with 1 – 4 portraits in the same show but with different rate for each number of required portraits. The size of the canvases directly proportional with the number of required portraits

  • Sand Artist Male

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    He has been working in this field for more than 10 years now and he can modulate sorries just by sand drawing. He has experience in product launch show case, religious events and cooperate events.

  • Spray Artist

    Looking to add an underground grungy vibe to your event? Look no further – this artist can spray on anything and everything, whether it’s branding that you need, or just an engaging station, he is the perfect act to spruce up your event.