Kids Entertainment

Children are the flowers of our life and the most precious treasure in the world to their parents. We love children and apart from organizing a kid’s party for you we can also offer a wide variety of children entertainment options in Dubai. We believe that adults in children entertainment must be experienced professionals with all necessary skills. Therefore our staff is highly qualified and prepared not only to entertain, but also to care about your child. No matter what is the reason for the celebration, your child and his little guest will definitely love our bouncy castles, rodeo rides, fantasy stage shows and performances by the unicycle circus. We also offer a wide selection of clowns and fantasy characters which will turn your children’s event into a truly exciting and fun experience. If you want our actors to interact with your children, then you can select face painting and living paintings. Valerie juggling and various bands will make your child laugh and enjoy the performance.

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Party Entertainer

  • Party Entertainer

    We offer a complete package of fun loving party entertainers. They interact with kids and play games with them. They are always excited to serve you with best entertainment.

  • Pirates of Arabia

    A fascinating story about  the granddaughter of the famous pirate Black Beard, his treasury chest and  the pirates who follow the girl trying to get the key from the chest.

  • Puppet Musician Show

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    The cutest show that we have in our artist pool. Amuse your target audience, whether it’s a private party or a mall activation, let this cute puppet, and his puppeteer tickle you with their musical performance.

  • Secret of the Shaman

    The story about the two young American Indians and the Shaman, the old head of their clan. The Shaman announces that the time for the election of  a new clan leader has come.

  • Slinks&Slanks


    Now you see it, now you don’t. A playful act conducted with 4 artists in each tube, and is commonly enjoyed by kids between 3 – 10 years.

  • Snow White

    King who’s disappeared leaving his young daughter with snow white skin and raven hair in the care of an evil stepmother. The Queen is jealous of Snow White’s beauty and she sends her off to be killed  in the forest surrounding the kingdom, and leaves her to fend for herself in the terrifying forest.

  • The Circus Army


    Whether it’s a mall, a private party or welcoming guests into a venue opening, bedazzled by this amazing 9 piece, mix of artists. From mime, to acrobats, to stilts to musicians to unicyclist, this is a one band stop.

  • Winter Fairytale

    An exciting story about the adventures of two best friends – Elf and Joy who bring enjoyment and fun in the town. And the nasty Ice Queen who is bored being alone in her Ice Palace also wants to have  joy and fun in her cold kingdom.