We provide the best musicians in the UAE. They all have a rich background of musical education. They have all performed around the world, learning all the different music styles. Most of the performers can us acoustic or electric instruments.

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Female Arabic Guitarist AS

  • Female Cellist

    The cello is perfect for any event. If you want something classical, she can perform with her acoustic cello, or if you want something upbeat, she also has an electric cello. They all have high qualifications in music and love what they are doing.

  • Female Flute Player


    She performs different genres of music starting from classical, Bossa nova, Jazz standards, Popular film music, and selection of Pop and Arabic songs. Over the last decade, she has performed in UAE, India, Qatar, Kuwait, UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

  • Female Flute Player

    Flute players are suitable for all kinds of special events. It is a magical instrument which allows an artist to create a special atmosphere and charm the audience with a magnificent sound and performance.

  • Female Harpist


    She has been performing on the harp since from the age of 5. Having lived in Dubai since 2014 she has performed as a harpist for Dubai World Cup. Furthermore, she has successfully performed modern, classical and traditional Arabic music at many corporate & private events.

  • Female Harpist

    If you are looking to hire some live music for your wedding or even just for some mellow music for your special intimate event, you should consider a harp player, which will create a special atmosphere filled with elegance and class for you and your guests as the harp is known to be stunning in its appearance and easy on the ears. There are many types of Harp music such as Celtic harp, Classical harp, Bluegrass harp, Country harp etc. and that is why we offer you the largest selection of the best harp players in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Female Percussionist

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    She started to play drums at the age of 3 as a hobby and just a few years later, became the first female to perform drums live in Syria, playing for the esteemed ‘Mary Orchestra’ (the only female orchestra in the Middle East).

    Now being based in Dubai, she was widened her repertoire to include classical percussion, Arabic drums, timpani, tabla, raq, tar, gembeh, congas, solfeg and can sing, her talent truly knows no bounds!