Special Shows

We have a wide variety of special shows for any event. If you want something special to entertain your guest with, have a look at the amazing shows we offer.

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Gold Circus Parade

  • Golden Glitter Painting

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    Dazzle your guests with this new form of branding mixed with entertainment. Not only can she draw up a logo but she specializes in portraits too – watch the production come to life in the span of 10 minutes.

  • Helium Balloon


    We only use highly skilled acrobats. The performer can do shows to any type of music. Most of the shows can be inside and outside. The costumes they use are interesting and beautiful. All performers can wear full body covered suits if required. All shows are 2 shows of 6 minutes each.

  • Human Fountain


    This is something unique and new in the UAE. It is perfect for weddings or corporate functions to add a little bit of elegance. The lady move her arms around while water comes out of her finger tips.

  • International Light Show


    A spectacular international light show. This show consists of about 7 sequences back to back. All parts of the sequence are done by one artist. There are no breaks in this show, and this show is done seamlessly at one go. The show can and has been included in a wide variety of themes, like Modern, futuristic, Communication, Asian or Sport Theme.

    It depends on the requirement, and area of focus.

    Bookings would need to be made 10 working days in advance for the standard show, and 20 working days in advance for a customised show.


    The flow of sequences are:

    The light drums, the light violin, the animation sequence involving audience, the light saxophone, the futuristic Afro light sequence, the Light nun-cha-ku, the circular lights.

    Duration: 1 set of 10 mins

  • Kitchen Chef Show


    Fast-paced percussion performance. This show reveals a story of a special meal cooking by Chef and his team at the kitchen with stomping and drumming. Chef drummers use kitchen utensils as instruments and turn the atmosphere of cooking into a fun drum kitchen orchestra.

  • Laser Flute Show

    Laser flute show. Hire a beautiful and a new form of entertainment to entertain your audience or guests.

  • LED Chair Act

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    Leave you guests dazzled by this amazing new acrobatic act. You can use it to welcome your guests or to entertain them at any point during your event. A Sure hit for any kind of event.

  • LED Circus Parade


    A parade that is filled with dancers, jugglers, robots, acrobats, drummers and so much more.

  • LED Dance Show


    The Best LED Show in Dubai. They have 3 different shows: LED Illusion, Light of Wonder, and Fire Tools & LED Costumes.